Day 222 – The Lorax

222-365 (1 of 1)These little flowers or weeds reminded me of the trees from The Lorax 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day 222 – The Lorax

  1. Sarah

    Hi! Your photos (and your dog!!) are gorgeous! I found your blog through the link-up at Click It Up a Notch. My husband and I are in the process of creating a new feature at The Albums to help our members begin and finish a Project 365.

    I was wondering…since you have made it so far in your Project 365 what’s one piece of advice you would tell someone about to embark on one?

    Thanks so much!

    1. damengesicht365 Post author

      Thank you so much, Sarah! That’s so nice of you to say 🙂
      I would say my best piece of advise would be to not give up! Even if you have setbacks, or you miss a day or two or you get so busy it takes you three weeks to get your photos uploaded/edited, just keep at it! There are days where life just gets busy or I have no desire to pick up my camera, but I make sure that I take an extra photo (or two!) the next day to catch up.
      It’s definitely challenging some days to stick with it, but I have no reserves in saying it has made me more comfortable with my camera and a better photographer! I still have a lot to learn, but this project has been the best thing I could’ve done to help me learn and grow 🙂
      I hope that helps! And thanks again for stopping by!

      1. damengesicht365 Post author

        Absolutely – I would be honored! Thank you so much, Sarah! Now I wish I would have said something a little more clever! Haha

        I’ve started following! You can never have too much inspiration 🙂

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